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SmartBio project – sensor technology for process optimization

Raw materials often show variation in their composition. For enzymatic hydrolysis it is important that the enzymes can work under the best process conditions. What the best conditions are, will depend on the composition of the raw materials. The SmartBio project helps Bioco to make use of sensor technology to match the process conditions with the composition of the raw materials.

Photo: Nofima AS

Tools such as NIR (Near-Infrared) spectroscopy can analyse raw materials in a very short time. NIR has now been implemented and tested at Bioco by researchers from Nofima, as part of the SmartBio project. NIR-technology is a commercially available technology, but required calibration and needs to be adapted to the raw materials it needs to analyse. To establish this, large amounts of real-life data needs to be collected and analysed. The data collected by NIR then needs to be integrated into process control.

- Bioco contributes to better resource use and a more profitable and sustainable poultry production. Participation in research and innovation projects is important to improve profitability and resource use. Such projects give us more knowledge and can help optimalise the prosess further. SmartBio is in that respect a project for which we have great expectations, says CEO of Bioco, Eirik Pallin.

SmartBio is an innovation project owned by Bioco, with Biomega and Norilia as project partners. The project is funded by FFL and the participating companies. Nofima is the only research partner in this project. Read more about SmartBio on Nofimas website (in Norwegian).



Eirik Pallin

CEO Bioco

Marije Oostindjer, PhD

Senior Advisor Technical Business Development Norilia