Minister of Agriculture and Food visiting Bioco

Bioco are using continuous enzymatic hydrolysis to refine chicken and turkey raw materials and create hydrolyzed proteins and peptides. Wednesday the 23rd of June, the Minister of Agriculture and Food visited the new refinery at Hærland in eastern Norway.

The Minister was shown around Bioco by Managing Director Eirik Pallin and his colleagues

The raw material used at Bioco is bone with small bits of meat from chicken and turkey, transported directly from the meat processing plant from Nortura into Bioco through pipes. Enzymatic hydrolysis is the process used to gently and naturally refine the poultry offcuts. The process uses enzymes. After separation and drying, Bioco ends up with three products: hydrolyzed proteins and peptides, oil, and minerals. On her visit, the Minister could learn more about Bioco and the process, and she also tasted some of the finished products where the ingredients are used.

All ingredients that are produced at Bioco are sold through Norilia. Already there is international demand and Norilia have started to export products to the American market, among other things a bone broth sold as supplement.

Minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad, and Managing Director in Norilia, Morten Sollerud

You can read more about the Ministers visit at Bioco here (article in Norwegian)



Eirik Pallin

CEO Bioco