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Proteins – everyone needs them, but some consumer groups cannot seem to get enough of them. Bioco offers hydrolyzed proteins and peptides that can provide great nutrition and flavor benefits in various food and beverage applications, where performance and well-being are targeted.

Proteins are important building blocks for health and play a vital role in well-being. There is a demand for savory protein ingredients that have a high quality and digestibility. Bioco produces such protein ingredients that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Consumers interested in sports, performance, and nutrition want easy-to-digest proteins that are readily used by the body, but they may find a lack of variation in the available supplements. Bioco's hydrolyzed proteins and peptides offer a savoury alternative to the many sweet protein ingredients currently on the market, but with similar properties and functionality within food and beverage.

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with sensitivities often do not eat sufficient food or have issues digesting the proteins they do consume. Bioco's hydrolyzed proteins can be used as a supplement or as a protein enrichment, and is particularly suited due to its high content of small peptides.

Bioco's protein ingredients have been carefully developed, in collaboration with academia, research institutes and industry partners, to contain an optimal peptide size and taste. Chicken and turkey proteins also have a favorable amino acid profile. Our poultry protein is therefore well-suited for protein enrichment of various foods, drinks, and nutritional supplements, targeting those with a need for more protein in their daily lives. Bioco also produces poultry oil with a favourable chicken flavor, for use in various food applications.

All Bioco's ingredients are sold through Norilia AS – Please get in touch with Norilia's Ingredients department for any questions regarding sales.



Øystein Danielsen

Director Ingredients Norilia